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White dwarf - Wikipedia
A white dwarf, also called a degenerate dwarf, is a stellar core remnant composed mostly of electron-degenerate matter. A white dwarf is very dense: ...

White Dwarf Stars - NASA
An Artist's conception of the evolution of our Sun (left) through the red giant stage (center) and onto a white dwarf (right). Because a white dwarf is not able to create internal pressure (e.g. from the release of energy from fusion, because fusion has ceased), gravity compacts the matter inward ...

White Dwarfs - Introduction - NASA
Planetary nebulae seem to mark the transition of a medium mass star from red giant to white dwarf. Stars that are comparable in mass to our Sun will become white dwarfs within 75,000 years of blowing off their envelopes.

White Dwarfs: Compact Corpses of Stars -
The core that is left behind will be a white dwarf, a husk of a star in which no hydrogen fusion occurs. Smaller stars, such as red dwarfs, ...

White Dwarf - Home | Facebook
White Dwarf. 23,956 likes · 208 talking about this. White Dwarf is the ultimate Warhammer magazine, 156 pages of news, painting, modelling, gaming,...

White Dwarfs Facts, Information and Photos | National ...
Learn about white dwarfs, red giants, black giants, and other aging stars.

White Dwarfs Flashcards | Quizlet
Start studying White Dwarfs. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

White Dwarf | Definition of White Dwarf by Merriam-Webster
Define white dwarf: a small hot whitish star of low intrinsic brightness usually with a mass approximately equal to that of the sun but with a…

White Dwarf | COSMOS - Centre for Astrophysics and ...
White dwarfs in the globular cluster M4, are much fainter than the dominant red and yellow stars. The cluster is predicted to contain about 40,000 white dwarfs.

White Dwarf (magazine) - Wikipedia
White Dwarf is a magazine published by British games manufacturer Games Workshop, which has long served as a promotions and advertising platform for Games Workshop ...




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