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Cosmogony - Wikipedia
Cosmology is the study of the structure and changes in the present universe, while the scientific field of cosmogony is concerned with the origin of the universe.

The Origin of the Universe - Stephen Hawking
This lecture is the intellectual property of Professor S.W.Hawking. You may not reproduce, edit, translate, distribute, publish or host this document in any way with out the permission of Professor Hawking.

The First Three Minutes - Wikipedia
The First Three Minutes: A Modern View of the Origin of the Universe (1977; second edition 1993) is a book by American physicist Steven Weinberg.. Summary. Weinberg attempts to explain the early stages of the Universe after the Big Bang.. See also. The Inflationary Universe

Origin of the Universe and the Earth - Columbia University
Origin of the Earth - The Solar Nebula Hypothesis. About 4.6 billion years ago our solar system formed from a cloud of gas and dust which slowly contracted under the mutual gravity of all of its particles.

The Origin Of The Universe: Science Masters Series: John D ...
Excellent presentation of the latest theories about the origin of the universe, like the 'no boundary condition' (Hawking and Hartle), the quantum origin, the inflation period (Guth) or superstrings.

The Origin of the Universe - Scientific Electronic Library ...
ESTUDOS AVANÇADOS 20 (58), 2006 233 The Origin of the Universe JOÃO E.STEINER T HE ORIGIN OF THINGS has always been a central concern for humanity; the origin of the stones, the animals, the plants, the planets, the stars and we ourselves. Yet the most fundamental origin of them all would

Science, the Origin of the Universe, and God - Lighthouse ...
All too often, science is falsely pitted against Faith to disprove the tenants of Christianity. In this informative talk, Fr. Robert Spitzer, SJ – expert in physics, philosophy, and theology – debunks this powerful myth as he discusses the Big Bang and the Origin of the Universe with sound reason, credible science, and faithful theology.

Origin of the Universe and the Origin of Religion (Anshen ...
"The Origin of Life and the Origin of Religion" was the subject of a lecture delivered by Sir Fred Hoyle, circa 1993, at the Anshem Transdisciplinary Lectureships in Art, Science and the Philosophy of Culture.

General Introduction for Non-Believers: Part 1, Are Your ...
Atheists believe that all cause and effect in the universe has a naturalistic origin. Observational data lead us to the conclusion that the universe first began to exist 13.8 billion years ago. Since all things that begin to exist must have a cause, this means that the universe has a cause. However ...

Our Expanding Universe: Age, History & Other Facts
The universe was born with the Big Bang as an unimaginably hot, dense point. When the universe was just 10-34 of a second or so old — that is, a hundredth of a billionth of a trillionth of a ...




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Cosmic 'hotspots' may be relics of a universe that existed before ours

University of Oxford physicist Roger Penrose says cosmic microwave background radiation could contain evidence of a universe that existed before our own.

A New Test for the Leading Big Bang Theory  Quanta Magazine

Cosmologists have predicted the existence of an oscillating signal that could distinguish between cosmic inflation and alternative theories of the universe's.

This Is Why There Are No Alternatives To The Big Bang  Forbes

Not everyone is satisfied with the Big Bang. But every alternative is a disastrous failure.

'Captain Marvel' Trailer Arrives … And an Exciting Character Emerges

The first trailer for Marvel Studios' "Captain Marvel" was amazing and the second trailer looks just as awesome, giving us a few more tantalizing glimpses of the ...

Life Will Keep Happening Beneath Earth's Surface Long After We're All Dead

In his controversial 1999 book, The Deep Hot Biosphere, late Austrian-born astrophysicist Thomas Gold speculated that, though there is certainly life on other ...

There's a friendly neighborhood Spider-Man — or Spider-Woman or Spider-Ham — for everyone  Virginian-Pilot

It's a familiar origin story: A teenager gets bitten by a radioactive spider, gains enhanced spider-related abilities and becomes a costumed crime fighter.

Batwoman leaps into the crowded world of Dark Knight TV offshoots - WKBT

The Batman movies are at a bit of a crossroads, but the Dark Knight is casting a long shadow in television.

"BrightBurn" trailer shows us Superman as a kid, if he were evil  Fast Company

Brightburn” stars Elizabeth Banks, comes out Memorial Day weekend, and looks like a sharp new take on the superhero genre.

Why Black Hole Interiors Grow Forever  Quanta Magazine

The renowned physicist Leonard Susskind has identified a possible quantum origin for the ever-growing volume of black holes.

ID's Top Six — The Origin of the Universe  Discovery Institute

Editor's note: In the past we've offered the top 10 problems with Darwinian evolution (see here for a fuller elaboration), and the top five problems with ...

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