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The Universe within 50000 Light Years - The Milky Way Galaxy
About the Map This map shows the full extent of the Milky Way galaxy - a spiral galaxy of at least two hundred billion stars. Our Sun is buried deep within the Orion Arm about 26 000 light years from the centre.

Milky Way - Wikipedia
The Milky Way is the galaxy that contains our Solar System.The name describes the galaxy's appearance from Earth: a hazy band of light seen in the night sky formed from stars that cannot be individually distinguished by the naked eye.The term Milky Way is a translation of the Latin via lactea, from the Greek γαλαξίας κύκλος (galaxías kýklos, "milky circle").

Milky Way Galaxy: Facts About Our Galactic Home
The Milky Way Galaxy is most significant to humans because it is home sweet home. But when it comes down to it, our galaxy is a typical barred spiral, much like billions of other galaxies in the ...

Stunning Photos of Our Milky Way Galaxy (Gallery)
The Milky Way galaxy is home to 400 billion stars and our own sun and solar system. It is nearly 120,000 light-years across and a shining example of a spiral galaxy.

Here's what the Milky Way may look like from deep space ...
A close-up view of a simulated Milky Way galaxy, generated from the birth of the universe all the way to the present. Hopkins Research Group/Caltech

A Galactic Chart - An Atlas of The Universe
A Galactic Chart. This map is a plot of all the stars visible with the naked eye. There are approximately 9000 stars visible with the naked eye.

Milky Way Galaxy | Size, Definition, & Facts |
Milky Way Galaxy: Milky Way Galaxy (sometimes simply called the Galaxy), large spiral system of about several hundred billion stars, one of which is the Sun. It takes its name from the Milky Way, the irregular luminous band of stars and gas clouds that stretches across the sky as seen from Earth.

Milky Way Galaxy Facts - Space Facts
The Milky Way Galaxy is our home galaxy in the universe. It is a fairly typical barred spiral with four major arms in its disk, at least one spur, and a newly discovered outer arm.

Galactic Center - Wikipedia
The Galactic Center, or Galactic Centre, is the rotational center of the Milky Way.It is 8,122 ± 31 parsecs (26,490 ± 100 ly) away from Earth in the direction of the constellations Sagittarius, Ophiuchus, and Scorpius where the Milky Way appears brightest. It coincides with the compact radio source Sagittarius A*.. There are around 10 million stars within one parsec of the Galactic Center ...

The Milky Way Galaxy - Astrodigital
The Milky Way Galaxy. The Milky Way Galaxy is just one of hundreds of billions of galaxies that populate our universe. Our galaxy's name - the Milky Way - is a translation from the Latin "Via Lactea" which is derived from the Greek word "Kiklios Galaxios" which means milky circle.




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The Milky Way May Collide With A Second Galaxy Soon  Evolving Science

What will happen to our galaxy in the future? Astronomers actually have a relatively detailed picture of what may happen to the Milky Way, through scientific and ...

A Rare Kind of Black Hole May Be Wandering Around Our Milky Way

Scientists think they've found a rare medium-size black hole hanging around the Milky Way.

Galaxy Will Slam Into Milky Way, Wake Up Black Hole And Could Send Solar System 'Flying Into Space'  Forbes

Astronomers now think that a collision with a nearby dwarf galaxy could cause the awakening of the Milky Way's supermassive black hole, but the solar system ...

Milky Way could hit another galaxy in 2 billion years, sending solar system flying  USA TODAY

"Spectacular" cosmic collision with the Large Magellenic Cloud might knock our solar system into intergalactic space, British astronomers say.

Elite: Dangerous’ Distant Worlds 2, a journey to the edge of the Milky Way Galaxy  Polygon

Thousands of players embark on a 200000-light year journey in the spacefaring MMO.

What Was It Like When The Milky Way Took Shape?  Forbes

Billions of years ago, the Milky Way would have been unrecognizable. Here's how it took its modern shape.

Our galaxy is due for a catastrophic collision, study says  CNN

While astronomers estimate that the Andromeda galaxy will collide with our own Milky Way galaxy 8 billion years from now, they now believe that another ...

Study says Milky Way galaxy is due for huge collision  The New Indian Express

According to a study published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, the Large Magellanic Cloud will catastrophically collide with the Milky ...

"Milky Way's Hidden Past" --Gaia Unveils Dark-Matter Object 1-100 Million Times Mass of the Sun  The Daily Galaxy --Great Discoveries Channel

Since the Gaia Spacecraft's April 2018 data release, astronomers have unveiled a Milky Way teeming with astounding surprises, including hints of dark-matter ...

Black hole DEVOURING everything in its path DISCOVERED near centre of Milky Way

A MONSTER black hole has been discovered roaming through the Milky Way galaxy, astronomers have confirmed.

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