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Light-year - Wikipedia
The light-year is a unit of length used to express astronomical distances. It is about 9.5 trillion kilometres or 5.9 trillion miles. As defined by the International ...

Terms and Definitions - Views of the Solar System
A accretion Accumulation of dust and gas into larger bodies. albedo Reflectivity of an object; ratio of reflected light to incident light. albedo feature

Lightyears to Miles conversion -
Lightyears to Miles (ly to mi) conversion calculator for Length conversions with additional tables and formulas.

The Universe within 250 Light Years - The Solar Neighbourhood
About the Map This map is a plot of the 1500 most luminous stars within 250 light years. All of these stars are much more luminous than the Sun and most of them can ...

The Universe within 100 million Light Years - The Virgo ...
About the Map Our galaxy is just one of thousands that lie within 100 million light years. The above map shows how galaxies tend to cluster into groups, the largest ...

G stars within 100 light-years -
Of those five hundred some G-type stars, astronomers believe that five have evolved out of the main sequence into giant stars, while an additional 78 or so may be ...

The 26 Nearest Stars
If directions to these stars were included, you could make a map and see that they are distributed around us more or less randomly. What can we learn from this ...

Observable universe - Wikipedia
The comoving distance from Earth to the edge of the observable universe is about 14.26 gigaparsecs (46.5 billion light years or 4.40 × 10 26 meters) in any direction.

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Collapsing Star Gives Birth to a Black Hole | NASA
Astronomers have watched as a massive, dying star was likely reborn as a black hole.




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If The Universe Is 13.8 Billion Years Old, How Can We See 46 Billion Light Years Away?
One of them is the Big Bang, or the idea that the Universe began a certain time ago: 13.8 billion years ago to be precise. That's the first moment we can describe the Universe as we know it to be today: full of matter and radiation, and the ingredients ...

Washington Post

'Light Years' is a new musical at Signature Theatre — with the ...
Washington Post
Sincerity is an undervalued virtue. But as the most prominent characteristic of a musical, it leaves something to be desired. The world premiere of “Light Years,” the sweet-tempered autobiographical show at Signature Theatre by singer-songwriter Robbie ...
Robbie Schaefer's stage debut in Light Years is luminous (review ...DC Theatre Scene

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Syfy Wire

Bad Astronomy | A superluminous supernova seen more than 10 ...
Syfy Wire
Astronomers find a near-record breaking supernova 10 billion light years away that's also one of the most powerful ever seen.
Huge 10.5-billion-year-old Cosmic Explosion Is the Most Distant Supernova Ever DiscoveredNewsweek

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Metro Weekly

Review: “Light Years” at Signature Theatre
Metro Weekly
Like a vintage John Denver TV special, or a radio broadcast trip to Garrison Keillor's Lake Wobegon, Signature Theatre's world-premiere musical Light Years () offers a soothing, gather-round-the-hearth storytelling session supported by a stable of ...

Music Maps a Life in Light Years
The story of his own life, Light Years explores Schaefer's journey from the time he was a toddler until he is a grown man and an expert guitarist. In particular, the musical traces Schaefer's relationship with his father, Konnie, a Holocaust survivor ...

Universe Today

Astronomers Find The Most Distant Supernova Ever: 10.5 Billion ...
Universe Today
Astronomers have discovered the most distant supernova yet, at a distance of 10.5 billion light years from Earth. The supernova, named DES16C2nm, is a cataclysmic explosion that signaled the end of a massive star some 10.5 billion years ago. Only now ...
Record Breaker! Powerful Supernova Is Most Distant Ever
Most distant supernova reveals its secrets to scientistsZME Science

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Most Massive Black Holes Ever Found in the Universe Discovered ...
Scientists have detected a set of gargantuan black holes that are likely the most massive ever discovered in the universe. The “ultramassive” black holes are located up to 3.5 billion light years from Earth. They were spotted using data captured by ...

and more »

Astronomy Magazine

The death of a star: 'Unprecedented' image of a supernova 80 million light years away is captured for the first time ...
Daily Mail
The first burst of light given off by an exploding star has been captured for the first time by an amateur astronomer in Argentina. Observations of a dying star 80 million light-years away, taken by Víctor Buso, 60, has given scientists their first ...
Amateur astronomer gets 1-in-10-million shot of supernova's first lightAstronomy Magazine
Amateur Astronomer Captures Supernova's First Winks of LightSmithsonian
Amateur astronomer captures rare first light from massive exploding starScience Daily
The Weather Channel -UC Berkeley
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DC Metro Theater Arts (press release) (blog)

Review: 'Light Years' at Signature Theatre
DC Metro Theater Arts (press release) (blog)
And when does a son really come to learn what a father went through, in those many years way before the son was even born? In a gentle, sweet retelling of his relationship with his own Dad, singer-songwriter Robbie Schaefer does all this through music ...

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