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General relativity - Wikipedia
General relativity (GR, also known as the general theory of relativity or GTR) is the geometric theory of gravitation published by Albert Einstein in 1915 and the current description of gravitation in modern physics.General relativity generalizes special relativity and Newton's law of universal gravitation, providing a unified description of gravity as a geometric property of space and time ...

Introduction to general relativity - Wikipedia
General relativity is a theory of gravitation that was developed by Albert Einstein between 1907 and 1915. According to general relativity, the observed gravitational effect between masses results from their warping of spacetime.. By the beginning of the 20th century, Newton's law of universal gravitation had been accepted for more than two hundred years as a valid description of the ...

General Relativity explained like you've never seen before
For 100 years, the general theory of relativity has been a pillar of modern physics. The basic idea is so elegant that you don’t need superpowers to understand it.

A First Course in General Relativity: Bernard Schutz ...
Clarity, readability and rigor combine in the second edition of this widely-used textbook to provide the first step into general relativity for undergraduate students with a minimal background in mathematics.

General Theory of Relativity: P. A.M. Dirac: 9780691011462 ...
Einstein's general theory of relativity requires a curved space for the description of the physical world. If one wishes to go beyond superficial discussions of the physical relations involved, one needs to set up precise equations for handling curved space.

Special and General Relativity Physics and Science Calculator
Learn Einstein Special and General Relativity mathematical science physics, history and philosophy.

Einstein Was Right! Scientists Confirm General Relativity ...
A new study validates Einstein's theory of general relativity in a distant galaxy for the first time.. This study supports our current understanding of gravity and provides more evidence for the ...

SpaceTime, Relativity, Quantum Physics, and Quantum Gravity
Spacetime defined, Relativity and Quantum Theories explained, for both beginning and advanced visitors, with links to the Best Academic Websites.




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Einstein's Theory of General Relativity Just Survived a Massive Crash in Outer Space  Live Science

Gravity is big and weird and difficult to study. It moves through space as a wave, sort of like how light does. But these waves are subtle and difficult to detect.

Synopsis: Satellite Mishap Provides Chance for Relativity Test  Physics

Two satellites erroneously placed in elliptical orbits have been used to test general relativity with unprecedented precision.

A satellite screw-up reaffirms Einstein's theory of gravity  Science News

Two spacecraft confirm that time passes more slowly closer to Earth's surface.

Viewpoint: Black Hole Evolution Traced Out with Loop Quantum Gravity  Physics

Loop quantum gravity—a theory that extends general relativity by quantizing spacetime—predicts that black holes evolve into white holes.

After botched launch, orbiting atomic clocks confirm Einstein's theory of relativity  Science Magazine

Making lemonade from lemons, two teams of physicists have used data from misguided satellites to put Albert Einstein's theory of gravity, the general theory of ...

Einstein's 'Time Dilation' Gets Pinpoint Measure Thanks to Wayward Satellites

Scientists have used the Galileo 5 and Galileo 6 spacecraft to measure 'gravitational time dilation' more precisely than ever before, two new studies reported.

2019's Science Breakthrough Of The Year Will Show Us A Black Hole's Event Horizon  Forbes

It will be the most extreme test of Einstein's General Relativity ever. And we already have the data.

Galileo satellites prove Einstein's Relativity Theory to highest accuracy yet

Europe's Galileo satellite navigation system – already serving users globally – has now provided a historic *service* to the physics community worldwide, enabling ...

How Two Satellites Launched In Wrong Orbits Proved 103-Year-Old Einstein's Theory Of Relativity  India Times

It was way back in 1915 that Albert Einstein published his theory of general relativity. It was still a theory at the (though a convincing one) thanks to a lack of any ...

Elections in General relativity has not worked: the military situation may be permanent  The Siver Post

The initiative to hold local elections appeared three weeks before the end of martial law, and is appropriate only when the renewals, experts say. They do not ...

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