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Asteroid - Wikipedia
Asteroids are minor planets, especially those of the inner Solar System. The larger ones have also been called planetoids. These terms have historically been applied ...

Asteroids l Asteroid facts, pictures and information
Several hundred thousand asteroids have been discovered and given provisional designations so far. Thousands more are discovered each year.

Asteroids – Facts and Information about Asteroids
Asteroids are small, airless rocky worlds that revolve around the sun and are too small to be called planets. They are also called space rocks, planetoids or minor ...

Asteroids - Astronomy For Kids -
What are asteroids? An asteroid is a large rock in outer space. Some, like Ceres, can be very ...

Play Asteroids online for free!
Asteroids game was inspired in a roundabout way by the seminal Spacewar, the first computer based video game. In the early 1980s a stand-up arcade game version was ...

List of exceptional asteroids - Wikipedia
The following is a collection of lists of exceptional asteroids in the Solar System. For the purposes of this article "asteroid" means minor planet up to the orbit of ...

Spaceracer X |
Practice your multiplication skills while avoiding giant asteroids. Solve the math expression on the left or right to move your spaceship in that direction.

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Neave Games - Retro arcade games remade in Flash
Play for free Flash remakes of some of the most famous retro arcade games of the last few decades.

Asteroid Watch - Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Average distance between Earth and the moon is about 239,000 miles (385,000 kilometers). The Asteroid Watch Widget tracks asteroids and comets that will make ...




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Science Magazine

Sun's light touch explains asteroids flying in formation behind Mars
Science Magazine
The power of sunlight appears to be simultaneously creating and destroying families of asteroids, according to a new study of Mars's Trojans, asteroids that accompany the planet like planes flying in formation. The result, reported yesterday at the ...

and more »

Newfound Bus-Size Asteroid Will Zoom Safely By Earth Today
Asteroid 2017 TD6 is estimated to be between 32 and 72 feet (9.9 to 22 meters) wide, according to NASA's Center for Near Earth Object Studies (CNEOS). In comparison, the asteroid that exploded over Chelyabinsk, Russia, in 2013 was determined to be ...
Space mining aims to exploit Earth-threatening asteroidsFinancial Times
Samples brought back from asteroid reveal 'rubble pile' had a violent ...Phys.Org
Asteroid Dust Samples Show Violent Past For Old Space RockInternational Business Times
Gainesville Sun
all 13 news articles »

Popular Mechanics

How We Discovered, Lost, and Rediscovered the First Asteroid
Popular Mechanics
He was mostly right. He had discovered Ceres, the first known asteroid. Then, due to a combination of sickness and poor astronomical alignment, Piazzi promptly lost it. The search to find it again required a brilliant mathematician and a brand new kind ...



Number of undiscovered near-Earth asteroids revised downward
Fewer large near-Earth asteroids (NEAs) remain to be discovered than astronomers thought, according to a new analysis by planetary scientist Alan W. Harris of MoreData! in La Canada, California. Harris is presenting his results this week at the 49th ...

CBS News

The Sun

Double-decker bus sized asteroid 2017 TD6 narrowly misses Earth – the SECOND in a week
The Sun
The most recent asteroid is believed to be as big as a Double Decker bus. Rudiger Jehn, mission analyst at the European Space Agency, said: “We know it will also not hit the Earth in 2050. “But the close fly-by in 2050 might deflect the asteroid such ...
We Finally Know What That "Temporary Moon" Around Earth IsInverse
Asteroid 2017 TD6 to hurtle towards Earth today | Daily StarDaily Star
Earth and asteroid pal orbit sun like two hula hoops - FuturityFuturity: Research News
Universe Today
all 10 news articles »

Universe Today

Good News Everyone! There are Fewer Deadly Undiscovered Asteroids than we Thought
Universe Today
Beyond Earth's orbit, there are innumerable comets and asteroids that are collectively known as Near-Earth Objects. On occasion, some of these objects will cross Earth's orbit; and every so often, one will pass too close to Earth and impact on its surface.

Air & Space Magazine

300 Asteroids in 3 Years
Air & Space Magazine
He and his colleagues at the Finnish Meteorological Institute propose a fleet of nanosatellites that could study 300 asteroids in only three years, at a fraction of Lucy's cost. If their project ever flies, it would return more photographs of these ...

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